Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Ten make up products I would DIE without..

Dramatic, but it was really hard for me to only pick ten make up products that I love. So, I have a few "categories" instead. I had to cheat! so, in no particular order...

1.Urban Decay Primer Potions:
Before I started using a primer, my eye shadow was always bland and would fade away through out the day. Urban Decay's eye primer was the first I was introduced to and it made a huge difference. I do not know how I lived without it. My make up is vivid, smooth, long lasting and does not crease. Other brands I've tried do not hold up to the integrity of primer potion. You apply the primer to a cleansed eye lid. I fill in my eyebrows and do shadows underneath the eye, so i bring the primer over my cleansed brow and under my lower lashes as well. ( Also, if I can not find my lip primer I will dab the eye primer on my lip!) There are four different shades of their primers. The original is transparent; it has no color at all and does not really leave a film. Eden is like a light concealer color which I recommend for a heavy smokey eye. I feel like Eden gives a nice solid base and makes pigments more true. Sin is a unique taupey silvery shade with shimmer. I like to wear this shade alone with a top liquid liner. It also helps the liner stay on nicer. Lastly, Greed is more of a gold shade. Out of all four this is my least favorite. On most days I wear the original but all have great staying power!

2. Smashbox's lipstick Pout:
My favorite shade of lipstick is by Smashbox and it is called Pout. It is a very light/nude pink. I think the shade is gorgeous and very flattering. They also sell a lipgloss with the same name and color if you prefer the feel of a gloss. My only complaint is that I do not feel like it stays on as long as I would like it too.

3. Mascara- Drugstore VS. Professional
My favorite mascara of all time is Maybelline Great Lash (pink and green). It can be found at the Dollar General and for me I think it works wonders. I have short but full lashes and they have no curl. I think Great Lash gives them everything I am naturally lacking. Professional wise, I like the Lorac 3D Multiplex. The brush has smaller bristles which grabs every lash and it is curved so it gives more curl. It is easy to remove as well. I have a pet peeve about mascaras that are tough to remove!

4. Urban Decay- THE NAKED PALETTE!!!!!!!!
My favorite natural palette by far is The Naked Palette by Urban Decay. I like the original better than The Naked Palette 2 for color preference. Their eyeshades are like a velvety dream :D They go on so smooth and the pigment is true. My favorite shade in the palette is Virgin. It is a cream shade that is impeccable for highlighting. Another palette by UD that is more colorful is the Ammo pallet. This has more bold choices and all the shades look fantastic together. One of my favorite looks to do with the Ammo palette is Shattered on the lid, Chopper on the outer half of the lid and crease, then polyester bride as a highlighter. Shattered and Chopper look really unique together!

5. NARS- Orgasm everything..
NARS has a shade called Orgasm that I would describe as a pink/peach with a gold shimmer. I have the Orgasm/Laguna duo. Laguna happens to be my favorite bronzer and it is paired up with the Orgasm in a powder form. This is what I wear on a daily basis and it is very flattering on all skin tones. The gold shimmer really helps to define the shape of the cheek bone. Another Orgasm product is the liquid illuminator. This can be used alone above the eyebrow, tops of the cheek bone, down the center of the nose, on the skin above the cupids bow, and under your lower lip. this adds contouring and brightens the high points on the face. You can also mix this with your liquid foundation and apply to the whole face for an all over dewy look. Either way gives you such an awakened look. The Multiple is a stick form of the Orgasm that can be used like the liquid illuminator in certain areas or on the lip and eye. This product is great for mobility and convenience. It gives a similar look to the illuminator but more noticeable. I love to use The Multiple as my cream blush and adding the powder Orgasm over it to add intensity in the pigment. Orgasm also has a lipgloss and nail polish that also give that classic natural look. I own the whole collection and it might be my favorite products over all.

6.Urban Decay- All Nighter
If you can't tell, I am quite the UD buff. Urban Decay has setting sprays to help keep the make up in place. The All Nighter setting spray is my favorite and I really believe it keeps the make up on! I will not end a wedding or prom make up application without this product! They also have Dew Me and De Slick which help add moisture for a dewy look or to control oil production and reduce shine. This spray is quick and easy to use. you simply mist the face in a T and X motion with your eyes closed. Then enjoy your make up for hours!

7.Make Up Forever- Aqua Waterproof Black Cream Eyeshadow
The term cream isn't even enough to describe the consistency of this product. I feel like it is more of a mousse. It is so smooth and applies so beautifully. It can create an intense smokey eye or my favorite way to use it is as a top liner. The "cat eye" look is one of my favorites to do and this cream stays on perfectly. It is SO waterproof and creates such a crisp line. I apply it with an angeled eye liner brush or a smaller pointed brush. I put a link for each brush I prefer too.

8.Lorac-3D Liquid Lustre
Liquid Lustre comes in "white" or gold and it is a liquid that has a dropper and adds extra glitter and shimmer to your eye shadow. I love to pile this on top of my already finished eye make up OR take a loose eyeshadow and mix Liquid Lustre in with it, then apply. I think this product also looks fun on the lips, cheeks, and under the brow bone to intensify your highlighter. This is essential to any glamour girl who LOVES glitter!

9.Buxom- Big & Healthy Lipstick
Buxom lipsticks provide a slightly tingly plumping affect, which is more of a cooling and peppermint sensation. Their shades are unique and stay on fantastic with their lip liner/lipstick formula. They are also very precise. It is also enriched with vitamins to provide a more soft lip since the finishes are matte (my fav)! Some shades that I love are Vienna, Tokyo, Acapulco, Monte Carlo, and Amsterdam.  

10. Make Up Forever-Sens' Eyes
To take all these wonder products off my favorite eye and lip make up remover is sens' eyes. It is a gel consistancy and is mineral oil free. It is very sensative and prevents tugging at the most sensative facial areas. I use this product on a cotton round and gentley wipe away my make up. I do not feel greasey afterwards and it saved me from the make up removing clothes that I always ended up not being able to get all my make up off with!

Thank you for reading my first blog post! For any suggestions on future posts please leave me your thoughts. Also, any tips and tricks to make my blog a better read is appreciated! ( Also in my picture my make up is very loved! Excuse the mess.)